Which platform is going to be the best fit for your particular requirements?

Build your own, converged, hyper-converged, virtual SANs, private cloud, hybrid cloud …..

Choice is a great thing, but when it comes to which IT platform to choose for your business,  choice can be overwhelming…  At Synapse360 we understand the pros and cons of each platform choice, so when we recommend a particular approach it will be the best fit because we’ll only propose a solution when we have a thorough understanding of our customers current environment, objectives, compliance requirements and budget.

Assessments can also help you understand your readiness for GDPR compliance; we can independently assess your backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Gaining that understanding starts with a thorough assessment of your environment. We can help you get an objective analysis of the performance of your systems with a range of free data assessments. These assessments provide detailed and intelligent data analysis and are designed to be non-disruptive, time-efficient and an effective way to assess the current state and performance of your systems. Our assessments will help you by:


Providing an objective analysis of how your systems actually perform

Identifying areas for improvements in performance, resilience and optimisation

Identifying potential operational cost savings

Providing accurate data to support you in building a business case for improvement

Assisting in preparations for external audits of regulatory compliance such as GDPR

Our assessments come without obligation or cost and are mostly fully automated, enabling you to concentrate on the business, not the assessment.

Storage Performance Assessment

The SPA is used as a business analysis, planning and decision support tool to direct the key phases within an infrastructure assessment. It provides customers with detailed knowledge of your existing storage environment to ensure on-going capacity optimisation and utilisation.

“The Synapse360 Storage Performance Assessment was invaluable. It enabled us to pin point areas which were underperforming or failing, that we were unaware of. The findings have helped us resolve problems and improve the system’s resilience significantly.”

Backup Assessment

The Backup System Assessment is an automated tool designed to extract performance data from your backup server and provide advanced reporting and statistics about the performance of the backup environment. The tool identifies critical information such as change rates, backup volumes, throughput, longest backups, failures, longest queued jobs, and runs on a multitude of backup systems, including EMC, Symantec, HP, Commvault and IBM.

File System Assessments

File System Assessments examine the meta data of your file environments. The analysis software helps you discover important information about your data such the amount of data held in file types, by user, duplicated files and how many times files get accessed. FSA’s are an excellent starting point to identify storage, backup and archiving efficiency improvements.

Exchange System Assessment

As with FSAs, ESAs provide valuable insight into Microsoft Exchange environments. ESAs are useful in determining how much e-mail (by user) is being managed and can help determine policies for archival of e-mail.

Data De-duplication Assessment

Data storage costs money, so storing data un-necessarily is an expense you can do without. Our Data De-duplication Assessments can assist you in better understanding of how much of your data is actually duplicated and backed up including backup times and de-duplication ratios. You can use this information to reduce the amount of data you backup and optimise backup performance.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Computing is one of the most disruptive technology waves of the past two decades. Many organisations are considering how they can take advantage of cloud computing, but because of the wide ranging implications, are unsure of the of the steps they need to take to prepare their organisation for the transition. The CRA uses a holistic methodology to identify and assess the critical elements of a successful cloud operation including infrastructure, data protection, charging models, end-users computing, security and transformation processes. The objective is to provide a roadmap for the customer to enable adapt them to adapt their infrastructure and IT service delivery model to a cloud ready infrastructure.

VMware vSphere Optimisation Assessment

The more virtual machines you run, the greater the chance you will be running into performance and capacity issues. The VOA Assessment uses VMware’s Operations Management tool to identify performance bottlenecks and to help you better manage capacity utilisation. Our vSphere Optimisation Assessment will help you by:

  • Showing you where performance improvements can be made in your virtual estate
  • Identifying areas where adopting VMware vSphere Operations Management will positively impact performance, capacity utilisation and resilience
  • Uncovering potential operational cost savings
  • Helping you build a business case for improvement supported by accurate data

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Why Synapse360

Synapse360 has over 17 years’ experience in infrastructure design and deployment. We are one the UK’s leading providers of converged infrastructure solutions and Synapse360 are fully accredited with Dell-EMC, VMware and Cisco.

To start your infrastructure transformation, please contact us for a no-obligation assessment.

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