Ensuring that your data and systems are available when you need them isn’t easy. Growth in data volumes, increased compliance, the spread of virtualisation and challenging budgets makes data protection more complex than it used to be.

Typically, once a backup system has been installed it is left to run in the background and assumed to be working perfectly. In our experience there is a big gap between perception and reality. Having analysed hundreds of backup systems over the years we have found that in most cases anomalies in the system compromise the business or un-necessarily increase cost.


We design, deploy and support data protection solutions and can help you re-architect your backup and disaster recovery systems so that they are integrated, automated, reliable and highly efficient to the point where the backup administrator has little or no intervention but does enjoy the receipt of a ‘successful backup’ e-mail every day.


We can help you


Assess how effective your backup and disaster recovery system is

Our assessments help you identify and rectify weaknesses in your systems

Spend less time managing backups

We can help you automate your backup processes so you spend less time managing backups

Ensure that your mission critical applications are always available

We can deploy the lastest active-active technology to keep your apps and your data constantly available

Get optimal value out of your data storage

We can help you implement an intelligent information life-cycle management system that automatically moves data to the most appropriate level of storage

Optimise your investment in EMC backup and disaster recovery

We are experts in EMC backup and storage and can help you fully optimise and get the last drop of value from your systems

Backup and DR as a Service

We can remove the strain of on-premise backup and DR through our cloud based services

Backup in virtual environments

We can help you ensure your virtual environment is fully backed up..

Monitoring and management

We can remotely monitor and support backup and DR environment

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Why Synapse360

Synapse360 has over 17 years’ experience in infrastructure design and deployment. We are one the UK’s leading providers of converged infrastructure solutions and Synapse360 are fully accredited with Dell-EMC, VMware and Cisco.

To start your infrastructure transformation, please contact us for a no-obligation assessment.

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We have consistently returned to Synapse360 to help us improve the performance and protection of our infrastructure


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