Data is the lifeblood of your organisation and an efficient network is vital in getting that data to your users and customers wherever and whenever they need it. Digital transformation is creating new challenges and opportunities for today’s organisations. To keep pace with the competition and protect your business from malicious attacks, you need a network that is digital ready.

The problem is that many current networks weren’t designed to cope with enormous increases in data or the demands of flexible working. What’s more the network is becoming an even more important barrier to the latest information security threats.

Synapse360 are networking experts, our background in data centre infrastructure and connectivity means that we don’t just look at the network in isolation, we understand the necessary interactions required to deliver a highly effective solution.


We design, implement and support networking solutions that can help you



Make your network digital ready

We can transform your network, removing bottlenecks, so it offers greater flexibility, performance and security, so you can meet your business challenges.

Make it easier to manage your networks

We can help you simplify and automate management tasks across your wired and wireless networks. We can even help you converge wired and wireless networks.

Gain visibility and control

You can’t protect what you can’t see. We can help you gain visibility and deeper intelligence with Next Generation Firewalls technology.

Build a smarter more agile WAN

Deploy branch offices quickly and simplify management with Software Defined WAN management.

Secure your data and your network

Using the latest software defined technologies we can help implement the highest and most effective levels of information security.

Improve application delivery

We can help you accelerate application delivery and balance traffic across your network so you can cope with peaks in demand.

Protect your business continuity

We can help you maintain performance of key applications even during a network failure.

Improve VDI performance to branch offices

We can help you ensure your remote users receive the same levels of performance as your on-premise staff.

Manage your network for you

Our ISO2000 accredited Network Operations Centre can stake the strain out of managing your network.


Why Synapse360

Synapse360 has over 17 years’ experience in infrastructure design and deployment. We are one the UK’s leading providers of converged infrastructure solutions and Synapse360 are fully accredited with Dell-EMC, VMware and Cisco.

To start your infrastructure transformation, please contact us for a no-obligation assessment.

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Since we engaged with Synapse360 we have found them to be very attentive and their advice and guidance has always been spot on.

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